2013 Toyota Auris Hybrid

The second generation of Toyota Auris is now on the market – aerodynamically superior, improving both fuel economy and efficiency. Read more here.

Advice on How Hybrid Cars Minimize Petrol Consumption

Fuel prices continue to rise, so hybrid cars have become a popular solution as they are eco-friendly and able to reduce fuel consumption.

An Introduction to Hybrid Cars

As the name suggests, hybrid cars do not run on one specific type of fuel system. Rather, hybrid cars can typically use at least two systems.

Diesel Cars: A Good Option For City Driving?

Among the most typical questions asked by those looking to buy or lease a brand new car, is "Are diesel vehicles ideal for town driving? Here's the answer...

Green Cars: Chevy Dealer Makes Energy-Efficient Building

Energy management systems company GridNavigator and construction company Bloom General Contracting, have their first joint client: LaFontaine Automotive Group.

Daimler, Ford and Nissan to Collaborate on Fuel Cell Tech

Moving forward with fuel technology, the development of hydrogen-based fuel cells for car engines has become a global collaborative effort...

EC lowers CO2 Targets to 95g/km by 2020

The work in lowering CO2 emissions is leading to better car design and a cleaner world. Find out more here...

Motor Trend Puts Toyota Prius V Against Ford C-Max

With their extremely efficient marketing, the hybrid market has been ruled by Toyota for the best part of a decade...

All You Need to Know About Hybrid Cars

Here, we explain everything about the innovative, economical, automotive masterpiece - that is the hybrid car. How does it work and what are the pros and cons?

Electric Car Guide: Everything You Need to Know

Electric cars are fast becoming a widely considered form of practical transport in the UK. Here, we outline how they work and how they could benefit you.

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