Car Insurance

How Can Car Insurance Help Minimise Accident Costs?

In the UK, car insurance is a legal requirement if you have a car or are intending to buy or lease one. Here's how it can save you money after an accident...

Car Insurance

Car insurance, also known as auto insurance or motor insurance, is financial cover that protects you against any losses after an accident, theft or fire.

Car Insurance: How Can You Lower Your Premiums?

Many factors influence your car insurance monthly premiums. Here, we give you tips on how you can reduce them.

How To Find Cheap Van Insurance

Looking for cheap van insurance can be tough, but at Car Auto Driver we have some useful tips for you to find the best and cheapest deals available.

Car Insurance for Students

Generally, insurers don't have specific policies for students, but here are some of our top tips for students who want to save on the cost of car insurance.

Car Insurance for The Elderly

As we age, car insurance becomes cheaper. Here are some tips for renewing your license, finding good insurance and how health affects car cover.

Car Insurance for the Unemployed

Unfortunately, insurance companies often charge more to unemployed drivers. Here, we explain why and offer tips to reduce car insurance costs.

Your First Car Insurance

In the UK and in most western countries, car insurance is a legal requirement before you can drive a car - here are all the basics you need to know!

Accessible Car Insurance For 25-Year-Olds

Finding accessible insurance for the first few years of being on the road can be really difficult – thankfully there are some answers out there.

Insuring a Business Car

Are you driving your car for business purposes? It's important that you have the right insurance cover and policy for your vehicle.

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