How To Find Cheap Van Insurance

Using a van for business requires you to have a more comprehensive level of insurance than your standard personal car insurance.

Van insurance can become quite expensive – especially if you do a lot of miles or use your van as a component of your business itself.

Shopping around, while definitely a tactic worth employing, loses its sheen when there seems to be nothing you can do to lower the quotes.

Here are a few tips to get the cheapest van insurance:

1 – Get the right insurance

Nothing will shock you more than trying to make a claim when you have the wrong insurance in place and finding it declined.

Having the right van insurance is absolutely imperative, especially if you use the vehicle for work:

Social and domestic insurance 

This is the same as most home car insurance and is only suitable if you don’t use your van for any work purposes. It’s fine for going to the supermarket with, and you’ll be good running to the tip to dump some unwanted household items - but have a collision while you are out on the way to a client with tools in the back and you’ll find yourself in quite a pickle.

Business van insurance

For most people using their van as a regular business vehicle, this is the perfect insurance. Designed to provide you with cover when you travel with tools or goods to clients, or from one office to another, business van insurance is worth the extra expense.

Specialist van insurance

Bespoke van insurance, such as that for couriers, covers those who use the van intrinsically within their business.

If you’re an ice cream man or a secret FBI agent with a stakeout surveillance vehicle, then you are going to need specialist insurance to cover you.

This sort of insurance is more expensive, but often offers a greater level of cover to take into account the extra miles and even provide insurance against the theft of the items you are transporting.

Fleet insurance

If you have more than one van in your business, you should consider getting fleet insurance to cover them all under a single policy. This can cut down greatly on expense.

2 – Get the right person to drive

If you are using your van for business, the chances are that one or more employees are also named on the insurance.

Don’t just let anyone drive your van - be picky. Young drivers, those with less experience, and anyone with driving convictions is going to damage your insurance premiums. Be honest, and unless they have to drive the van, take them off the insurance.

3 – Lock it up safe and securely

Lowering the risk by having your van in a safe and secure location when it’s not being driven is key.

If you can bring the van into your warehouse, or provide garage space for it then you will bring the premiums way down.

Additionally, invest in extra security measures like locks or alarms. Even emblazoning the name of your business on the side of the vehicle is likely to provide an extra level of security and lower your costs.

After all, no thief wants to drive off in a van with “Chubby’s Chips” written on the side of it.

4 – Get a smaller van

Don’t try to impress with a top of the range vehicle – get the smallest van that’s suitable for the Jo-at-large. If there’s no need for that extra space and power, all you are doing is wasting money paying for it.

5 – Don’t crash – build up the no-claims bonus

As with normal car insurance, building up your no-claims discount is often the best way to cheaper insurance.

Make sure all your drivers treat their vehicles with care and drive sensibly and safely. It’ll pay dividends in the long run.

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