2013 Toyota Auris Hybrid

Benefitting from a revised body – aerodynamically superior, improving both fuel economy and efficiency, the second generation of Toyota Auris is now on the market.

Considerably more spacious and with more modern styling, this car also improves on the look of the original.

With two versions available for technological configuration, the basic Auris has all the standard equipment, as well as seven airbags for driver and passenger safety, LED daytime running lights and automatic climate control.

Stepping up, the full-featured version adds dual-zoning to the climate control, a keyless entry system and push-button ignition, parking sensors and Toyota’s Park Assist technology.

Continuing their foray into the eco-market, the Auris comes as a Hybrid Synergy Driver model – expected to woo 30% of their buyers.

Despite the allure of this fuel-efficient hybrid, Toyota expects 70% of the market to remain concentrated on traditional petrol and diesel engines.

For more, check out this video:

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