Green Cars: Chevy Dealer Makes Energy-Efficient Building

Intelligent energy management systems provider, GridNavigator, in collaboration with construction management company, Bloom General Contracting, have their first joint client: LaFontaine Automotive Group based in MI, Dexet.

In a step which has been taking to promote LaFontaine Automotive Group’s environmental responsibility credentials, the two companies have been hired to upgrade its facilities in order to improve energy efficiency and benefit from substantial cost saving as a result.

The promotional video released to detail the story shows how integrated and smart technologies will work to make the building’s energy consumption extra efficient through Bloom and GridNavigator’s combined expertise.

With up to $60,000 per year expected to be saved in the energy bill for the company, the message being given to LaFontaine Automotive’s customer base is one of proper care and consideration for the environment.

The video further explains further refinements to the dealership which include efficient heating and air conditioning systems and modern LED lighting systems which supersede older energy-consumptive lighting.

Showing the management of the energy-efficient systems, customers will be able to see the GridNavigator board on display.

Subtly placed in the video is the new Chevrolet Volt, the electric vehicle helping illustrate how a dealership utilising these LEED certified energy efficient technologies will go a long way towards presenting the new cars in a logical light.

The environmental design will help when marketing the new products, and doubtless improve sales simplicity as Robert Halfcare, LaFontaine Automotive’s sales consultant, is keen to explain.

In this new building, the sales process begins the moment the client walks in the door.

Ryan LaFontaine, owner of the dealer group, sees the benefits of the new systems for both saving in energy bills and strongly improving customer relationships and marketing.

He explains how the initial investments outlaid in order to upgrade the energy efficiency and technology in the building has not only paid for itself in terms of marketing exposure, but helps keep their brand in line with customer environmental consciousness.

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