Gentex Auto-Dimming Rearview Mirrors

Improving safety is one of the main concerns of car manufacturers. As more and more cars are on the roads every year, the need for improved safety features continues to grow.

Adding to the impressive array of safety add-ons available for the conscientious driver, there is the Gentex auto-dimming rear view mirror.

More than a simple mirror, this technologically advanced piece of kit works in conjunction with rearview cameras to provide a full view of the rear of the car when needed, adding a huge amount of visibility when reversing.

With a 3.3 inch high-definition display, the Gentex mirror combines the traditional view from a rearview mirror with the information provided by the cameras to give a fuller picture from the back of the car.

Where current inbuilt reversing or parking cameras tend to have their image displayed on the dash, utilising the Gentex mirror brings all the information into a single safe and instinctual location. No longer do your eyes need to dart from down at the dashboard to the top of the windscreen, but can instead stay attentive with a single focus – saving time and neck ache while improving on safety.

Expanding the view from the inadequate range provided by the rear window into a fuller picture behind the vehicle is obviously of great benefit. Small children and pets are at particular risk with a traditional set up – especially as the height of modern cars increases, adding to the rear blind spot.

With a Gentex mirror and camera setup, anything below the height of the standard window visibility will be completely noticeable and not only will this increase safety for lives, but also helps avoid minor collisions with bollards, rocks or other low objects in the environment.

With an auto-dimming feature, the Gentex mirror is designed to improve vision at night and in low light. It also comes with a three-year warranty.

The basic package does not, however, come with cameras as standard. The Gentex mirror is designed to integrate with any current camera system in the car, and if there isn’t one, you will have to purchase the appropriate technology separately. This can add considerably to the price of a setup, but as technology improves and becomes cheaper, so too does the affordability of a complete camera and mirror setup.

Gentex auto-dimming rearview mirrors are available online at all good retailers.

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