Garage Door Openers: High-End Remote Control Systems

Automatic garage door openers have been around for decades and prove to be a desirable additional gadget for anyone regularly parking their car in a secure location, saving time and effort in laboriously manually opening shutters.

The first versions of this time-saving device utilised a simple radio frequency transmitter and receiver, activating the door when the receiver picked up the signal from a nearby transmitter. While they opened the door for future improvements, they were somewhat lacking at the time, with weak range and a tendency to interfere (or be interfered with) other nearby receivers in the neighbourhood.

A second generation of automatic openers dealt with this major shortcoming by using multi-code systems and manual dual in-line package (DIP) switch.

Unfortunately, these suffered attacks from criminals who could defeat the basic security through simple trial and effort.

Third and fourth generation products relied on rolling-code technology to improve security but offered little more in terms of improvements.

Modern versions like the HomeLink system from Johnson Controls use advanced wireless technology to activate RF-controlled garage doors, entry doors and gates.

It is easy to use HomeLink to connect a transmitter to the car, and the system allows for multiple options and settings – even adjusting the lights and doors to the home.

Easy to program and meeting all needs both in terms of convenience and security, installing these universal remotes is a breeze for professionals who can fit a system to your home within a few hours.

With discrete additions to your car, the HomeLink range of products don’t spoil the look of your vehicle either externally or in the interior, but add modern controls and invisible automatic systems seamlessly to your car design, giving a final professional look.

If you prefer a more traditional visor-mounted remote-control unit, however, HomeLink can provide those for you – and like the more modern integrated unit, they too can control security lights, gates and try doors.

With a single universal remote covering all the automatic aspects to your home security, multiple devices are eliminated a replaced with a single centralised control.

Part of the latest generation in remote-control home automation, the wireless control system has large backlit buttons that are easy to use and visible at night. Because it is integrated into your car and connected to the vehicle power, there’s no chance of a dead battery preventing use.

Set the programmable buttons to any function you choose and take control of your home security, from the garage door to internal house lighting from the comfort of your dashboard.

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