Amazing R/C Lego Batman Tumbler Interpretation

Lego Gotham. Night. Danger stalks across the darkened rooftops. A new villain, or perhaps the return of an old. We cannot see, for his figure is cloaked in shadows and obscured by a competing field of gothic architecture and bright neon lighting (all made from Lego!).

Only the Batman, the Dark Knight, the Caped Crusader can save us from this evil menace. The Batcave is an echo of roaring engines and squealing tyres. From the blackness of the cavern to the blackness of night comes the Batmobile – a work of engineering genius built from the very building blocks of the land.

This Batmobile. This electric-driven, radio-controlled masterpiece with body armour, impressive suspension and a meticulous attention to detail. See it as it moves swiftly across the streets of Gotham to bring our hero ever closer to the terror stalking the night.

This video will allow you to marvel at the wonder of the Batman Tumbler, designed and built not by the craftsmen of Lego themselves, but a unique individual, passionate in his hobby.

View it. Enjoy it. Share it.

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