The New Ford Kuga Review

With solid history proving that the Kuga’s stylish look, economical engines and sporty drive are strong qualities, Ford is launching a new version of the mid-size SUV in 2013 – five years and 48,000 UK registered cars after it first went on sale.

Following in the wheel-prints of the Nissan Juke and Range Rover Evoque, the new Kuga has been redesigned by Ford to expand its worldwide marketing into more than 100 countries – adding it to the impressive range of Ford’s global car fleet.

Showcased alongside new market-rival of the Toyota Rav4 at the Los Angeles Motor Show, the new Ford Kuga will be available in two versions, each tweaked slightly to meet the needs of its market – one in Europe and one for the USA.

With the more powerful Zetec petrol engine, the Kuga comes in at a little under £25,000 while the diesel versions of the car hit the market at £21,895. Ford has also dropped the price of the faster 2.0 litre diesel Titanium model, making the UK’s favourite Kuga £355 more affordable at £25,545.

Petrol variants start at £22,545 with the top-spec Kuga Titanium X models priced from £25,295 (petrol) to a solid £29,795 for the automatic diesel.

With options including automatic parallel parking, a tailgate sensor triggered by a wave of the foot under the rear bumper, and voice-control for many of the internal entertainment functions, the new Kuga steps boldly into another level of technical age for car convenience.

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