The New Ford Focus 2019 Review

After it was announced in April 2018 that Ford were going to put their “focus” on SUVs over conventional models across the pond, the very idea of a forthcoming Ford compact car in the US was called into question.

Will there be a 2019 Ford Focus ST?

So, is there a 2019 Ford Focus? In short, yes – but it will be considerably more limited in the USA than over here in the UK. Over in the ‘land of the free’, they’ll only have the Active and Active X trims. We spoiled Brits, however, have far more choice: the new Ford Focus ST Line and ST Line X, the Style, the Titanium and the Titanium X, and the Zetec.

While there’s plenty of choice for the humble Ford Focus hatchback, more daring drivers among us should keep their eyes open for the Ford Focus RS.

So, when did the new Ford Focus come out? Surely not 17 years after its first iteration! Yes indeed, the new shape Ford Focus, complete with wider bodywork, is only in its third generation.

What engine does a Ford Focus RS have?

Not to detract attention away from the rest of the range, this widely anticipated hot hatch will feature a 2.3-litre engine, developed from the same mould as the Mustang. But that’s not the only thing to look forward to when it comes to the new Ford Focus changes.

What’s new about the new Ford Focus?

Performance has been taken into consideration by the folks at Ford UK, who have instead chosen to focus their efforts on a European audience. There are a number of suspension options, plus the choice to upgrade to adaptive dampers, and it’s been designed more aerodynamically. Better still, it’s lighter than previous versions, at just 1,325kg.

New Ford Focus specs

There’s a vast range of engines to choose from. In the petrol range, you have the entry level 1.0-litre or 1.5-litre turbocharged Ecoboost engines, each of which has a range of BHP from 84 up to 180 in the larger engines.

In the diesel range, there are four-cylinder units starting at 1.5 litres with a choice of 94 or 118BHP, while the 2.0-litre engine offers 148. At the top of the range, it will surpass 137.9MPH, while the more conservative choices will still reach three figures at 108.7.

New Ford Focus interior

The new vehicle design sees a much roomier interior, with a higher touchscreen and a neat balance of dials. On higher-end models, there are “comfort seats”, which are also available as an upgrade on lower spec vehicles. There is ample visibility, making this a safe choice for family driving.

On the infotainment side of things, we have an 8-inch screen in higher models that can be controlled by both dials and touch. This reduces to 6 or 4 inches the lower you go. There’s a very respectable B&O Play music system too. Were it not for the lack of lumbar support, the interior would be near perfect.

How does it drive?

The Focus will shift up through the gears smoothly from 30MPH and up on the motorways.

There’s no lagging through the revs, even from as low as 2,500 and 6,500. With the range of suspension choices, including the favourable short and long arm suspension, there’s something for every style of driving. In the ST Line trim, you’ll feel safer with the damping, and there’s an emergency auto-braking system which again, satisfies the need for safe family driving.

How much does a brand new Ford Focus cost?

With a starting sum of £18,100 for entry level models, the new Ford Focus price starts slightly lower than its rival, the Skoda Octavia. At the top spec, however, expect to pay more than 50 per cent higher. Alternatively, Ford Focus 2019 lease deals start from as little as £200 per month.

Our verdict - is Ford Focus a good car?

The Ford Focus new model leaves us spoilt for choice when it comes to trims, and almost ticks every box for both racers and family drivers alike. The new Ford Focus release date was summer 2018, but there’s a lot more to come for 2019 – including a new hot hatch ST.

The Ford team have made a lot of progress when it comes to finessing the fourth generation, from a sleeker design to a safer driving feel. It’s economical, and one of the most impressive releases from the Focus range. If you love variety, try it.


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