New Range Rover Evoque 2019 Review

When is the new Range Rover Evoque coming out?

The Land Rover Range Rover Evoque has been somewhat divisive amongst motoring fanatics – there were those who praised the compact SUV for being a smaller, more economical alternative to more domineering SUVs, while others scoffed at a vehicle that was, in part, designed by a Spice Girl.

Of course, the critics were no match for Mrs Beckham’s design prowess: it has sold 800,000 units since its launch in 2011.

Now, we have something new to look forward to. Though it launched in November 2018, the new 2019 Evoque release date will see the vehicles on the roads by spring 2019.

2019 Range Rover Evoque

2019 Evoque changes

Love it or hate it, the new Range Rover Evoque is set to turn heads thanks to its upgraded technology.

The second generation new Evoque models have been touted as rivals to the Audi Q3 and even the Volvo XC40 – so what exactly is this new technology?

First and foremost, the engines have had a complete overhaul, with hybrid technology making its way into most configurations from the day of its release.

In addition to the models hitting the roads in spring 2019, we have the three-cylinder, 48V plug-in hybrid powertrain leaving factories in 2020.

It all sounds very promising, and enough to help us forget previous errors in judgement like the 2018 Range Rover Evoque Convertible.

Range Rover Evoque 2019

Performance and technology

Range Rover have been keen to make updates to almost every facet of the Evoque – more than 90 per cent of the components, for example, are brand new. This is thanks to a new design that’s based on the company’s Premium Transverse Architecture. This allows compact models to be as technologically advanced as their larger cousins, particularly where fuel economy and electrification are concerned.

This time around, we’ll have all Ingenium four-cylinder engines, with the petrol variants offering 197BHP at entry level, 247 or 296BHP, while the diesels offer 148, 178 or 237BHP at the upper level.

Generally, there will be a nine-speed automatic gearbox across the range, which allows the car to slip easily into electric power at low enough speeds, but there will also be a manual version in the entry-level diesel.

Range Rover have also stated that this new release will provide a better off-road experience: it’s generally four-wheel drive, though the ‘driveline disconnect’ feature will kick in on motorways, effectively putting the Evoque into front-wheel drive. The new off-road features, meanwhile, allow for a deeper wading depth, and even makes handling hill starts a piece of cake.

Range Rover Evoque 2019

The new Range Rover Evoque interior

The new model is far more space efficient than its predecessor, and it’s probably the most luxurious design we’ve seen yet. That comes as no surprise when we consider that it was very likely inspired by the Range Rover Velar, one of the highest-end Range Rover models currently on the market.

2019 Evoque interior

Inside, you’ll find a 12.3-inch digital panel, set against a far more adventurous colour palette in the cabin. A secondary screen handles functions such as temperature, which is controlled by rotary controls.

Technology-wise, drivers are able to update the satellite navigation and infotainment using WiFi, which is a very welcome change.

How does it drive?

The team are keen to stress that the latest model’s body is 13% stiffer, making for better handling and an all-round more responsive, fun drive.

As stated in its marketing materials, the steering is indeed “better connected”, while the whole host of infotainment options make every driving experience a pleasure.

Lease the new Range Rover Evoque

So just how much is the new Range Rover Evoque? With a 2019 Evoque price (UK) of £31,600, it’s dearer than the aforementioned Volvo XC40 rival as well as the Audi Q3.

If you’re desperate to get your hands on it, however, an Evoque 2019 lease will start at around £353 per month (including VAT) – just enough to give you time to play with the initial versions before the upgrades come out in 2020.

Our verdict

Range Rover are clearly playing to their strengths, both in terms of technology upgrades and aesthetics, taking the best from Velar and injecting a new environmentally friendly option into the mix.

It’s certainly a little pricier than its competitors, but this is worth it for the extensive range of configurations, as well as an updated design that’s not only pleasing on the eye but contributes to the aerodynamics. If it’s too pricey, it’s certainly primed for leasing.


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