Mercedes EQ Silver Arrow Review

Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk has had his fair share to worry about over the past few months. Besides awkward tweeting, however, there’s a new generation of electric cars set to rival the biggest brand in the business. Enter: Mercedes.

What is the Mercedes EQ Silver Arrow?

Unfortunately, perhaps the most anticipated electric vehicle of the decade is still only in its concept stage. This may be because it’s a thing of dreams.

Dreams were made a reality at the Pebble Beach Concours private event back in August 2018. Combining a futuristic design with classic retro vibes, it blew journalists away with its look and its specs.

The design

But what of these vintage vibes? Firstly, we have the Mercedes SL500 Silver Arrow which, despite rising to prominence as recently as the early noughties, is now considered a “classic”. Where has the time gone?

Truly, however, the Mercedes-Benz Silver Arrow EQ is a throwback to the Mercedes Silver Arrow 1937 when it comes to design. Just like the name, it’s silver as a bullet and promises to ride just as fast. This time around however, it doesn’t look like a soapbox derby car. Forgive us, Mercedes.

With more curves than the Laguna Seca racing track and a vast, domineering road presence that has drivers skimming the floor, it wouldn’t look out of place in a science fiction movie. Or, better still, a racing track.

Mercedes Silver Arrow specs

There aren’t exactly specifications for the Mercedes Silver Arrow EQ, but rather, Silver Arrow records. In 1937, Mercedes were breaking land speed records when the original was hitting 186MPH. Remember that, in the 30s, even the record-breaking Mallard train wasn’t reaching those kinds of speeds.

Fast forward to today and the Mercedes SA 2018 leaves us gobsmacked. The Mercedes SA speed record currently stands at 249MPH. Sure, it’s no Hennessey Venom, but need we reiterate that this is a Mercedes SA EQ – an all-electric car?

It’s got a pure electric drivetrain that gives the car 738BHP, powered by an 80kWh battery that it claims will enable an electric range of 249 miles.

The Mercedes Benz Silver Arrow interior

Don’t expect to be taking your friends out for a spin in this record-breaking juggernaut. There’s only one seat, but it does look exceedingly comfortable, for all it’s worth. Here’s a testament to the speed of the thing: forgoing the standard seatbelt, instead, Mercedes has installed a four-point harness to keep you safe.

A safety conscious roll bar sits beneath the steering wheel, which is attached to a touchscreen behind. Perhaps another throwback to days of yore, but regardless, very cool, is the built-in jukebox. Here you have a limited choice of sound output – namely, the artificial engine sounds, which are borrowed from the turbo V6 engine in the Mercedes F1 W09 EQ Power+, or even the Mercedes AMG 4.0-litre bi-turbo V8 engine.

Here you can also choose your desired driving mode: Comfort, Sport and Sport+ modes, akin to many other, non-fantasy Mercedes models. Oh Mercedes, how you tease us.

How much does a Mercedes Silver Arrow cost?

So, is the Mercedes Silver Arrow for sale? We’re praying to all the deities that this might one day be a reality, but for now, we’ll be waiting a long time for a Mercedes Silver Arrow price. When we consider that some electric vehicles, like the Rimac Concept One, retail for almost $1 million, it’s likely to not be far off the mark. It has a screen where a number plate should be – there’s nothing cheap about it.

Our verdict

The most heartening consolation to come out of this tantalising concept car is the fact that some of its features will lend themselves to Mercedes’ all-new EQ range. A lack of a front grille in favour of a screen may be a little fanciful for city runabouts, but if Mercedes continue with the current level of ingenuity, then the future looks very promising indeed.

It’s made of carbon fibre, helping to contribute to the aerodynamism of the car, while the battery concept is intriguing. The modular electric architecture makes use of a flat floor to house the battery modules, and we’ve already got evidence of the same blue light band by the headlamps, and the red light band at the back, being used in other EQ models.

We’d love to see this concept car brought to life on the racetracks, but for now, we’ll happily let the new EQ cars inherit its redeeming features.

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