Mercedes C63 AMG 2018 review

If you’re looking to be spoilt for choice, we can’t recommend the latest release from the Mercedes C-Class range enough – the Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG.

This V8 compact family supercar offers four body styles from the two-door coupé to the cabriolet, or the four-door saloons and even a larger C63 estate version.

Mercedes C63 saloon

What is the meaning of AMG in Mercedes-Benz?

Most notably associated with the higher-end versions of many models in the current Mercedes-Benz range, AMG specifically refers to the German abbreviation Aufrecht Melcher Grossaspach.

Rather than an allusion to the class of the vehicle (see the S-Class, stemming from the German Sonderklasse, or “special” class), this is a more loving tribute to the partners and birthplaces: Aufrecht and Melcher, and Aufrecht’s birthplace, Grossapach. These two partners were known for designing racing cars, which is why AMG has become synonymous with speed, as well as class and excellence.

Mercedes C63 AMG specs – what BHP is a C63 AMG?

Racing cars are the operative word here. Whatever body style you choose, it will come with either a 463 BHP and 479lb-ft of torque in the C63, or in the C63 S, you’ll get 503BHP, 516lb-ft and funky features such as race mode and a ratcheted traction control system.

What engine does a C63 AMG have?

The Mercedes C63 AMG 2018 starts out with a 1.5 litre four-cylinder engine, moving up to a 1.6 litre petrol and diesel, a 2-litre petrol and diesel, and finally, the hugely powerful 3-litre V6 and 4-litre V8 engines.

How much is the AMG C63?

The Mercedes C63 AMG price (UK) starts out at £66,429 for the saloon and goes up to a coupé price of £83,789.

Mercedes C63 coupe

Keep an eye out for the formidable Mercedes C63 AMG Black Series, whose 2018 release has been touted as a “more powerful AMG GT R”, while the rumour mill is already spinning for a 630BHP version, set to be released in 2020.

Keep your eyes open, Porsche.

How does the C63 look?

That is almost entirely up to you: you can choose the wide arches and ostentatious look of the coupé, or for a slightly more understated four-door, the C63 saloon fits the bill.

The C63 estate, on the other hand, boasts dimensions of up to 4,771mm in length, 1,839 in width and 1,467 in height – a true wagon!

Mercedes C63 estate

The C63 interior

Comfort may not be the primary focus in a racing car, but we made sure to assess it anyway.

There are no arguments when it comes to driving position, and you’ll find a firm, sturdy hold in the bucket seats.

It’s got a very attractive cabin, for the most part, but there are some ugly parts and it’s safe to say it’s rather convoluted!

Again, appearance probably isn’t the number one priority while you’re burning the rubber at breakneck speeds, but we can’t help but notice the steering wheel. It’s certainly not the prettiest. Granted, it comes with touchpads, which can be used to control the Comand on-board system (standard in all higher-end Mercedes cars) but the plastic toggles are a little unsightly. These are used to control the multiple driving modes you’re faced with. We did warn you you’d be spoilt for choice. 

Some perks include the Frontbass Audio System, which comes as standard across the board, together with innovative features such as the Collision Prevention Assist and the Attention Assist – this car will literally monitor how tired you are.

How does it drive?

Besides keeping you awake, the C63 offers a range of comfortable driving modes, including “Slippery” (for added confidence in the rain, if you really need it), Comfort, Sport and Sport+. You’ll also find race mode exclusively in the C63 S, but you can customise all of these to suit your “individual mode”.

Despite its immense weight, the C63 keeps this under wraps with a rear axle that’s 50mm wider than before.

When you’re reaching top speeds of 179MPH in its higher-end models, or even the respectable 136MPH at entry level, this is pretty important.

Our verdict

For a smaller two-door, you can buy outright for a very reasonable £28,035, with 48-month finance options available or a lease price of £278.99 per month and up.

Whether or not this is good value depends on how you plan to use it. If you love choice, then you’ll love the C63 AMG.

It drives beautifully, even if the modes and body styles are something of a distraction.


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