2014 Mercedes-Benz CLA Class Leaked

Of utmost importance to the German manufacturer, the new CLA Class is the first of the new compact to be launched in the US market.

With a launch at the Detroit Auto Show in mid-January, the sedan version of Mercedes’ new compact range is impressive. It has lost some of its many futuristic elements but remains a refined and classy beauty.

At 15 feet long, the CLA will have plenty of space to seat four adults and an option for a centre rear seat to bring in a fifth. Similar to the A-Class hatchback, the interior is a solid Mercedes design.

With 211 horsepower, the 1.8L four-cylinder turbocharged engine powers the base CLA250, equipped with a seven-speed and dual-clutch automatic transmission that will become the standard across the range.

Manufactured in the Hungarian city of Kecskemet, the small four-seater coupé will be built on the same Mercedes Frontwheel Architecture (MFA) that is also finding its way into the new A-Class and B-Class vehicles.

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