BMW M5 Review 2018

We love a car with charm, and even better, one with a backstory. When it comes to the BMW M Series, we’ve got just that – particularly with the M5.

Going all the way back to the BMW e28 M5 of 1986, to the BMW M5 e60 in the early noughties, followed by the BMW M5 F10 for the subsequent five years, it’s safe to say it’s had a few iterations.

BMW e28 M5 1986

What does M5 mean for BMW?

The M Series refers to “motorsport”, and forms its own subsidiary of BMW as a manufacturer, BMW M GmBH.

Initially, this was created to facilitate BMW’s foray into racing, but over time, these racing cars progressively became road cars with extensive modifications, including adjustments to their engines, transmission, suspension, aerodynamics and interior trims.

BMW M5 logo

Today we have the joy of being able to drive the M5, a modern day “super saloon”, at our leisure.  

So, after more than 40 years, what have the team got up their sleeves for the BMW M5 2018?

BMW M5 specs

Based on the 5 Series, the M5 is now in its sixth generation, and is set to take on competitors such as the Mercedes E-Class.

This time around, the BMW M5 engine is a new 4.4-litre twin turbo V8.

What BHP is a BMW M5?

Thanks to this high-powered engine, you’ll get a BHP of 592, plus 750Nm of torque.

There’s also an eight-speed automatic gearbox, and as if that wasn’t enough, check this out - for the first time, the BMW M5 is four-wheel drive. Years and years of rear-drive-only models are behind them and BMW have finally leapt into the 21st Century with the M5, making them a worthy competition for other big names like Mercedes.

In terms of variants, we have the standard saloon, or super-saloon, as it should be known, plus the BMW M5 Touring – otherwise known as an estate.

So, how fast is a BMW M5? That is almost up to you: expect a top speed of 155MPH, or, if you opt for the BMW M5 Competition Package, you can rev it up to 189MPH.

BMW M5 performance

If that incredible top speed wasn’t enough, the acceleration will surely blow you away. Knock it into Sport of Sport Plus mode (there’s also Efficient mode, but this is more fun) and you’ll reach 60MPH in 3.2 seconds.

It’s packing dimensions of 193 inches in length, 74.45 inches in height and 116 inches in length, but that doesn’t affect its performance.

In fact, it’s been innovatively designed to keep its weight down, having shed 50lb with the new carbon ceramic brakes.

BMW M5 blue

The BMW M5 interior

In addition to the stunning exterior colour palette, featuring exclusive Frozen Dark Red metallic paint or a new shade of Marina Bay Blue Metallic, it’s also pretty beautiful on the inside.

It’s decked out with Merino leather and features “Piano Black” trim with aluminium and carbon-structure materials throughout the cabin.

Colours have not eluded the lighting either – you can choose your own ambience from a range of lights, not just the traditional blues and purples. While the driving position might feel a touch too high, it’s safe to say that ergonomics has been a big consideration for the M5. You’re free to adjust the thick-rimmed steering wheel as you wish, while the tilted dashboard addresses the driver appropriately.

The 10.25-inch screen is paired with a rotary dial that displays sharp graphics, and you’ve also got the added benefit of BMW’s ConnectedDrive system. Here, you can set your own preferences on stability control, four-wheel drive, suspension and steering.

How much is a new BMW M5?

In the UK, the new BMW M5 price comes in at £89,705. Naturally, it isn’t the most economic of vehicles, offering 26.9MPG, but we wouldn’t expect anything less from a car that’s basically designed for racing.

It might not be conducive to long commutes or boring city driving, but take it out on the autobahn and you’ll have the time of your life.

Our verdict

We’ve not seen much like it when it comes to power, and with 600 BHP, the latest M5 is every bit the racing car.

Added to this, we have considerations for inclement weather with the M xDrive system, which also makes for a smoother drive and gives the M5 a more modern, reliable edge.

It’s certainly a big player and the engineers at Mercedes should be worried. If you’ve got the cash, you should splash it.


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