Mercedes ‘Sound With Power’ Campaign is a Mash-Up Hit

Targeting a more youthful audience with their latest marketing campaign, Mercedes-Benz follows up on their previous successful efforts at combining social and traditional media with the new ‘Sound with Power’ campaign.

Aiming for a large target audience of 25 to 44-year-olds, the new campaign will drive forward with both cinema and television advertising. Focused on the bold new Mercedes E 63 AMG, the ‘Sound with Power’ advertising merges the solid Pass Out track from British singer Tinie Tempah, a man in a suit of LED lights and the new car to create audio and visual impact.

It’s the suit that leads with the visuals – reacting to the man’s emotions as he hears sounds, you get to see his emotional response to a range of sounds, including a baby and soothing ocean waves. Plus, of course, the throaty and distinctive sounds of the powerful new Mercedes E 63 AMG. Following AMG’s ‘one man, one engine’ philosophy, the Mercedes E 63 AMG combines high performance, high power and the comforting touch of luxury.

Viewers are then invited to create their own ‘mash-up’ track: merge the soothing shifting sounds of the E 63 AMG with Tinie Tempah’s drum-machine driven, lyrically sardonic ‘Pass Out’ to create your own audio experience.

Mercedes plan to use the best of these individually created mash-up tracks in their future advertising, beginning at the end of October. Share on social media tagged #soundwithpower. Working in line with online music experts Spotify, Mercedes have a three-month agreement which will direct users to the special Sound with Power mash-up tool.

Marketing Week details the campaign’s other online elements including videos with Mercedes AMG Petronas F1 driver, Lewis Hamilton – where Stevenage’s racing star explains exactly what ‘Sounds with Power’ means to him.

These innovative campaigns and new line-up of vehicles show how Mercedes is building momentum and appealing to a wider audience of youthful customer. From the entry level A-Class models, through to the aggressive new styling of the Mercedes E 63 AMG, the brand has been focusing on delivering their message to the next generation of Mercedes driver-enthusiasts.

Working with cutting edge artists from that generation, such as Tinie Tempah helps solidify their position and deliver their message. It is testament to their success that the introduction of the new line-up of Mercedes-Benz vehicles has been so successful.

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