Dog Car Safety – 10 Car Safety Tips For Dogs

It is so important to take your dog’s car safety into consideration if you are ever planning a journey with him or her.

Just as you would never consider taking a child into a car without appropriate safety seating and other features, the same should be true for your dog.

They can become very nervous in a car without restraint – and so they should be!

Here are some essential tips for your dog’s safety while in a car.

1 – Pet Aid Kit

Always keep a first aid kit for your dog when you are travelling, and make sure you are familiar with it.

If anything happens and you need to use it in an emergency, the last thing you want is to be scrabbling around trying to find things or understand how to use them – especially if the situation is life-threatening.

2- Hold Tight!

Make sure you hold firmly onto the dog’s leash when entering or exiting the vehicle.

3 – Dogs Can’t Drive

Ensure that the cockpit area of the car is not accessible by the dog – not only is there a danger that your pet could start the car moving, but also there is a danger of being trapped or hurt around the pedals and other controls.

4 – Phone Home

Have your mobile number engraved onto the dog’s collar tags so that he can easily be returned.

5 – Shotgun!

Dogs shouldn’t be sitting in the front seat! Make sure your dog is always in the back of the car and don’t be tempted to have them sit next to you.

6 – And Stay

Purchase a dog harness to keep them safely in the back of the car and unable to run or slip forward.

7 – Tied Up and Secure

Always make sure that the pet is restrained in the back. You can get dog car seats with safety straps and a harness or use the internal leash of a pet carrier.

8 – Slip Sliding Away

If your dog is in a crate, make sure that it is securely fastened to the car. If the dog is safely in the cage, but that can move around, then really the dog isn’t safe.

If there is an accident, the crate could race forward or spin and harm the animal, other passengers and you.

9 – Buckle Up

It is possible to get dog seat belts to help your pet remain comfortable and safe in the car.

Failing this, make sure that all standard safety belts are working properly if you plan to use these.

10 – Cage the Beast!

Use of a pet barrier to separate part of the car for the use of the pets is a good safe way to move larger animals. Make sure it is securely fastened and provides an adequate level of safety for your dog.

Remember, your pet’s safety is also your safety – and making sure your loved ones are taken care of in your vehicle is important. Never drive with an unrestrained dog and have a pleasurable and safe ride.

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