BMW X2 Review

If you’re the kind of motorist who likes a bit of attention, there’s no shortage of vehicles on the market to help you attain that goal.

One of these is the BMW X2 – a sporty, yet practical and roomy SUV crossover that’s a refreshing break from design norms.

BMW X2 blue

What is the BMW X2?

This being the first X2 of its kind, we don’t have any historical data to compare the X2 to, so instead it’s easier to call the X2 a sexier X1.

Just like its rival, the Range Rover Evoque, vanity is very much at the forefront of the X2’s design, with a lower, more streamlined design that drives just that little bit more aggressively than the X1.

How much lower are we talking, exactly? The BMW X2 dimensions come in at 4,360mm in length x 1,824mm in width x 1,526mm in height – that’s 72mm lower than the X1. It’s also 79mm shorter too, but this isn’t so noticeable on the outside.

Where you might suffer instead is with the boot space at 470L, compared to the X1’s 505L. The positives far outweigh the negatives, though – particularly when we look at the specifications.

BMW X2 back

BMW X2 Specs

In terms of configurations, we have the entry-level BMW X2 SE, moving up to the Sport, the M Sport and the M Sport X.

The X2 comes with the optional ability to upgrade to a plug-in hybrid, so if you want to save a few pennies, go for the 18d SE model, which not only offers the lowest UK asking price of £27,000, but also boasts up to 62.8MPG.

Indeed, with a limited selection of diesel and petrol engines, the overall fuel economy for the entire range is pretty impressive. Every engine available – that’s the 18d, the 20d and the 20i (that’s petrol, of course) – is 2.0 litres in capacity, starting at 150BHP and moving up through the range to 190 and 192BHP respectively.  Ranging from 48.7 MPG to 62.8, plus that hybrid bonus, there’s potential for a very efficient commute indeed.

Within these engines, the 18d and 20i offer front-wheel drive with optional four-wheel upgrades to the 18d. Higher up in the range, you’ll only get four-wheel drive for the 20d. What else do you get with this top of the range model? An eight-speed automatic gearbox (six-speed manual in smaller models) and a very respectable 137MPH top speed. By comparison, the entry-level models reach 127.

BMW X2 Interior

A sleeker crossover SUV design has fantastic cosmetic perks, though back passengers may feel that their comfort is a little compromised.

Over in the front though, a shorter bonnet makes for a roomier front cabin, while driver visibility is fantastic thanks to the high viewpoint and adjustable seats.

Cosmetically speaking, it reeks of luxury trims, which are enhanced in higher end models. The infotainment system, unlike the exterior design, does not break with BMW convention. Not that that’s a bad thing – the touch-sensitive iDrive controller is very user-friendly and you can get live traffic updates. You will have to pay extra for additional media settings like Apple CarPlay, though.

BMW X2 interior

How Does it Drive?

What makes the X2 sportier than other models is its weighty steering, which is responsive and sharp when the going gets tough. You can choose from three driving modes in total – Comfort, Sport and Eco Pro, and electronic damper control can be toggled easily via an optional switch.

In higher-end models, you can climb to 62 MPH in just 7.7 seconds, but don’t be mistaken for thinking speed compromises safety. The grip on the road is strong and there is ample body control, ideal for those windy country lanes.

BMW X2 side view

Our Verdict

Despite its limitations in engine sizes, it’s refreshing to see a sporty luxury car that’s got so many ethical considerations – not only in terms of fuel economy, but the BMW X2 Motability Scheme, making driving more accessible for disabled passengers. The former, of course, helps to keep running costs low, and if a 30k price tag sounds like too much to fork out upfront, there are always BMW X2 lease options starting at £250.00 per month.

Though a lower back seat and reduced boot space might not be everybody’s cup of tea, we love the innovative new design.

Crossovers occasionally fall fowl of the “ugly” stamp but this has eluded the X2 – what we have instead is a sexy, sporty vehicle that gives the Evoque a run for its money.


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