Audi Revealing The New Audi RS 6

Demonstrating everything that’s wrong with the latest RS4 – a car launched only six months ago – comes the RS6!

In order to re-launch the RS6 sedan, Audi have presented a new version of the model. The new TFSI 4.0 litre engine is perfect for urban use, and though shows a continuation of their downsizing strategy, doesn’t sacrifice the sporty character that is the hallmark of the RS brand.

Focusing on producing a lighter body, Audi have shaved an impressive 100kg from the aluminium and high-strength steel shell.

This gives the car a more aggressive look, with a matt aluminium trip on the body and black gloss front grille, bumper and spoiler.

From behind, the car looks formidable, with twin sizable elliptical exhausts combining to make a bold statement.

There are two options for the exterior: matte aluminium or carbon, allowing for a full customisation of the car body.

Internally, the redesign is focused on the rider, presenting a delightful driving experience. The flat base steering wheel sports three spokes for a pleasing aesthetic and combines with integrated audio controls for a comfortable grip.

With lateral support, the sport seats are comfortable and relaxing for a longer journey. The black leather and Alcantara set off the rest of the interior, with a stylish touch throughout.

Moving onto the drive, the suspension offers a choice between standard adaptive air and a more conventional steel-sprung version (dubbed ‘sport suspension plus’ by the official literature).

This is combined with Audi’s three-way adjustable DRC – dynamic ride control system – to form a smooth overall experience.

The RS6 is also equipped with the latest ‘wavy’ break discs with six-piston callipers to allow extra wave saving.

Speed wise, the RS6 is no slouch. While the standard model has a limited in place to prevent speeds above 155mph, this can be removed if opting for the ‘dynamic’ package and the overall top end pushed to an impressive 174mpg.

Dynamic plus gives full access to the car’s power, with a top speed of 189mph!

With no official pricing at the time of writing, the RS Avant is expected to start at £77,000 in the UK from July 2013.

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