Hamann BMW 6 Gran Coupe

For many, the standard shape of the BMW 6 Gran Coupé is designed to perfection – for those who would like to add a little additional flair to their prized car, look no further.

Hamann has released information regarding their upcoming BMW 6 Gran Coupé kit – it comes with a wide range of wheels, custom interior, external aerodynamic kit and lowering equipment.

Externally you can adjust your car with a new front bumper and grille, LED daytime running headlights, a carbon fibre hood, improved rear spoiler, tailgate cover and four-exhaust rear end with a redesigned bumper.

Completing the modifications are the impressive 21-inch wheels, turning the already eye-catching BMW 6 Gran Coupé into a show-stealer. With the new shock absorbers adjusting the structure literally from the ground up, the clearance is now three inches lower.

Interior customisation isn’t missed either, with new finished available in wood, leather and Alcantara.

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