Buying A Car – Cars for Disabled Drivers

Being physically disabled doesn’t mean that you cannot drive a car. With technologies in place to adapt to everyone’s individual need, owning and driving a car shouldn’t be hampered by any disability.

As technology improves, many car companies are offering adaptions to their vehicles specifically designed for people who are physically impaired.

At one end of the spectrum is the mobility car – a car specially designed to offer full driving control to someone with significant physical difficulties, but technologies exist for those at any level, from slightly adjusted seating positions to a complete rearrangement of the car control architecture.

As long as the car manufacturers continue to advance in systems and understanding, the options will increase and more and more people can go onto the road feeling in control of their travel needs.

The process

1 – The first thing that you must do is get full training on your new car and get a driving license.

Even if you previously held a full driving license, it is important to learn to adapt to any changes in the car and renew the license – that extra time practicing under supervision will help you to gain confidence and will be immensely helpful.

Depending on where you are driving, you may need to register your specific situation with the driving agency.

2 – Identify the schemes that are on offer to you. Many organisations set up for the disabled will be able to help in getting you the right mobility car for your needs, and will be there to assist with the cost and getting you on the road no matter your financial situation.

With their expertise, you will be able to get the perfect vehicle tailored to your individual circumstance.

3 – Do your research; there may be grants, VAT relief and other financial opportunities in place to help you afford the car.

It is worth spending time doing your research before rushing ahead as you could save yourself many hundreds of pounds.

4 – Consider how easy it is for you to get into, and out of, the car. Think about the equipment you need to bring with you and whether the vehicle has the appropriate space and access for the things you use on a regular basis.

Take into account the height of the doors and spend time testing the different options until you are comfortable that you have the right car for you.

5 – The control system is essential. Take the time to get to know the cockpit layout and make sure you are comfortable with the design and are able to feel fully in control of the vehicle.

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